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    TEL:   +86-15921748232 (Whatsapp/Wechat)
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    E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com
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    TEL:   +86-15921748232 (Whatsapp/Wechat)

    SKYPE:   aka1005240 

    E-MAIL: tqpumps@aliyun.com





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    China (Chongqing) International Water Technology Equipment and Pump and Motor Exhibition 2019

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    Along the way, the city's advantages are highlighted.
    Chongqing is the only municipality directly under the central government, the National Central City, the important modern manufacturing base and the high-tech industrial base of the Western China. It is also an important juncture of the "one belt and one road" and the Yangtze River economic belt, as well as the inland open highland, the economic and financial center of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and the important growth pole of the western region. In recent years, with the development of Chongqing's economy, Chongqing has formed a comprehensive transportation system with the pattern of "one trunk, two branches" inland river shipping network, "one hub, eight trunk lines" railway network, "three rings, ten launches and multiple links" expressway network and "one or two small airports", which has accelerated the communication between Chongqing and major cities in the country. The strategic fulcrum of the core of the western region and its fast and convenient traffic environment have laid the exhibition advantage of Chongqing as a "convention and Exhibition capital".
    Environmental Protection Hotspots Lead Industry Trends
    Chongqing's environmental protection industry has been continuously promoting export-oriented development in recent years. Closely combined with the major decision of the CPC Central Committee to "promote the development of the Yangtze River Economic Zone" and the hot issues of urban water treatment and environmental monitoring at home and abroad, Chongqing insists on taking green as the basis of development, focusing on cultivating industrial clusters of sewage and sludge treatment equipment, so as to achieve high development. Intelligent sewage treatment equipment with low efficiency and consumption has driven the production of pumps, fans, sewage disposal automatic control equipment, and become a new engine of economic development under the "new normal". It is estimated that by 2020, the annual sales revenue of Chongqing environmental protection industry will reach 130 billion yuan, 70-80% of which are for water treatment and pump valves and motors. The demand for household pumps and agricultural pumps will account for more than 45%, ushering in a good opportunity for high-quality development. Not only that, Chongqing will become an important national environmental protection industrial base and the core area of the ecological civilization demonstration belt in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and there will be more room for development in the future.
    Wenling Industry's Attack to Occupy the West
    Pump and motor industry is the key pillar industry in Wenling City. It has been awarded the titles of "China Pump Town", "China Pump City", "China Air Compressor Export Base" and "China Small Motor Export Base". It is known as "Pump Smart Town". The development of Wenling enterprises in other places will further expand the domestic market, broaden the sales channels, enhance the brand image of "Wenling Pump" region, and ring out the name card of "China's Township of Water Pumps". With the help of Chongqing city platform, relying on the influence of Western pump valves and motor industry cluster, Wenling superior pump and motor enterprises and characteristic pump and motor industry will be strong and strong, rapidly expand and strengthen, promote pump and motor industry cluster to reach 100 billion level, and seize the future blue sea competition commanding heights.
    Precision promotion invitation is strong
    _Outdoor Advertising: put in Chongqing, Chengdu, Yunnan, Guiyang, Xi'an and other high-speed rail, industrial agglomeration areas and professional markets.
    _Multimedia: Through hundreds of professional media, mainstream media, portal website and mobile terminal at home and abroad, the exhibition will be promoted and reported in an all-round way.
    _Procurement data: Based on the database of hundreds of thousands of professional purchasers held by China Pump and Electrical Machinery Exhibition for more than ten years, the national purchasers are invited to visit through direct mail exhibition information, micro-mail, micro-blog interaction, telephone, short message, e-mail and so on.
    _Market publicity: We will organize professional teams to go to Chongqing, Guiyang, Xi'an, Chengdu and other Western professional pump and valve motor markets. With Chongqing as the center, we will build a one-to-five-hour Convention and Exhibition economic circle, and implement one-to-one invitation and free shuttle and other services for professional purchasers.

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